Course Curriculum

Please see below for the course curriculum: comprised of video lessons, strategies, and step-by-step tutorials. See also the "Newly Added Content" section for lessons that have been released recently, based on student request, product trends/changes, and new insights.

*includes Apple iOS 14 update lesson!


  • Welcome!
  • Brands Built Entirely on Facebook & Instagram - What do They Know?
  • About Me
  • What You'll Learn in this Course
  • Agenda for This Course

Facebook's Ad Ecosystem

  • Facebook's Ad Ecosystem and the 10 Year Roadmap
  • Beyond the Facebook Blue App
  • Cross-Channel, Cross-Device, Identity Tracking
  • The Emergence of Digital Native Companies, Built on Facebook and Instagram
  • Programming the Right Instructions: Campaign Objectives
  • Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions
  • Ad Ecosystem Quiz!
  • NEW: Ads Manager Part 1: Beginner 101, Navigation, and Reporting
  • NEW: Campaign Structures: Evolving From Basic to Advanced

How to WIN the Facebook Ad Auction

  • How the Facebook Ad Auction Works
  • The Underlying Auction Formula That Runs EVERYTHING
  • How to Win at the Auction
  • Minimizing Constraints on Delivery
  • Why are Lookalike Audiences So Powerful?
  • Building a Robust Lookalike Targeting Strategy
  • NEW: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Lookalike Audiences (in Ads Manager)
  • The "Learning Stage" of Optimization
  • Preventing "Significant Edits" & Learning Resets
  • What Exactly is the Facebook Pixel? Why is it a MUST?
  • Facebook Pixel Implementation Principles
  • Placement Liquidity (Automatic Placements & Asset Customization)
  • Post-Click User Experience
  • Key Takeaways
  • Ad Auction Quiz!

Lessons and Strategies of the Best Advertisers

  • Who are the Best? Why Should We Care What They Do?
  • 1. Campaign Automation
  • 2. A) Campaign Budget Optimization
  • 2. B) Example of Campaign Structure
  • 3. A) Bid-Constrained vs Budget-Constrained
  • 3. B) Manual Bidding - How Do You Do It?
  • 3. C) Manual Bidding - How Does It Actually Work?
  • 3. D) Manual Bidding Examples - How to Choose the Right Bid Amount
  • 3. E) Advanced Bidding Strategy with LTV Cohorts
  • 3. F) Cost Cap vs Bid Cap vs Target Cost Bidding
  • 4. Laser Focused on Signal Volume
  • 5. Fully Leveraged Targeting Capabilities
  • Key Takeaways
  • What the Best Advertisers Do - Quiz!

How to Build Amazing Ads

  • The Mobile Attention Span
  • Creative Best Practices and Considerations
  • Stories + Feed Video + Static = Winning Combination
  • Deconstructing Excellent Ads - Part 1
  • Deconstructing Excellent Ads - Part 2
  • Deconstructing Excellent Ads - Part 3
  • Adding Motion to Static Images (Cinemagraphs)
  • The Ad Library - An Incredible Tool No-one Knows About
  • Animoto - My Choice for Building Great Ads
  • Creative Hub Gallery - For Inspiration & Exploring New Formats
  • Native Ads Manager Editor - Quick & Easy Templates
  • Canva - General Design Resource with Templates
  • Key Takeaways
  • How to Build Amazing Ads - Quiz!

Newly Added Content & Advanced Lessons

  • Lead Ads Part 1: What are Lead Ads & Who Should Use Them?
  • Lead Ads Part 2: Why Use Lead Ads?
  • Lead Ads Part 3: Step-by-Step Tutorial, How to Setup a Campaign + Copywriting Tips
  • Lead Ads Part 4: Best Practices
  • eCommerce Campaign Structure Guide
  • Dynamic Creative: Super-Easy, Automated Ad Creation
  • Ad Policy Part 1: Policy Compliance
  • Ad Policy Part 2: Preventing Disables, Appeals, Limiting Impact on Business, and More
  • Ad Policy Part 3: How to Create Backup Business Manager, Ad Accounts, and Audiences
  • Scaling Ad Spend Part 1: Case Study + Prerequisites
  • Scaling Ad Spend Part 2: How I Scale, Scaling Tactics, and Leaky Buckets
  • The Audience Overlap Analysis Tool
  • Conversion Optimization Windows
  • COLD Starts Part 1: How to Start with No Data, the Cascading Method
  •  COLD Starts Part 2: Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • Dynamic Ads Part 1: Intro, Key Benefits, and Requirements
  • Dynamic Ads Part 2: Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • Video Poll Ad Unit: Quick Tutorial
  • The "Learning Limited" Notice and The Optimization Spectrum
  • Advanced Retargeting & Ad Decay Model
  • Apple’s iOS 14 Update, and 4 Steps You Can Take to Minimize the Impact


  • Congrats on Finishing the Course!
  • What's Next?